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Support Elephant Sanctuaries In Thailand

Year after year, elephant riding ranks No.1 on the to-do list for millions of tourists that visit Thailand. However many of tourists are unaware of the shockingly cruel abuse that these tranquil species undergo behind the scenes of Thailand's booming elephant tourism industry.

Phajaan is a historical and widely used cruel practice used on nearly every e lephant that enters the privatized industry and is It’s often referred as a way to “break their [elephant] spirits” to perform certain activities like allowing humans to ride on their backs. It reflects an elephant’s greatest nightmare turned into reality in which they are beaten with sharp hooks, intolerably starved, and constantly deprived of sleep. This tormented experience can last for days for some and even up to weeks for others, causing a lifetime of emotional and mental distress.

The good news is that we are already seeing a number of Elephant Sanctuaries opening across Thailand. Sanctuaries are one of the few eco-tourism attractions that prohibit elephant riding and abuse. Instead, visitors are encouraged to feed, bathe and simply care for their elephants. Owners and trainers are committed to the mission of giving elephants a life full of happiness and freedom that they deserve. However, it costs around $1000 a month to feed and shelter a single elephant and current sanctuaries struggle to find the funding to meet the high demands.

There is much more work needed to be done and Creations For a Cause will gratefully partner up with the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary by contributing funds for their multiple locations. With every purchase of our Thai pants, we will donate 10% of the proceeds back to supporting their mission With your support, we will advocate for an ethical approach to elephant tourism by helping to expand their sites to cater to the rest of Thailand’s elephant population. Asian elephants are considered one of our world’s most intelligent, and compassionate animal species and it’s about time we treat them like so.

To read more information about the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, please click here.

10% of our proceeds will go to one of our great causes!