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LESS THAN 2000 Pandas Remain in China [HELP US HELP THEM]

Save The Pandas In China

  • There are only around 1800 giant pandas in the world.
  • China safeguards over half of the existing Giant Panda populations
  • The Giant Panda is our world’s icon for conservation

The Giant Panda has been around for over 3 million years but in recent decades, our beloved furry white black spotted creatures have been bouncing back and forth from being “endangered” to “vulnerable” on our global’s list of species at risk of extinction as their fragmented population threatens their genetic line to survive. While there are a number of reasons to the plight of Giant Panda, many are unaware that the majority of their habitat loss, food shortage, and fragmented population issue are caused by humans.

Year after year, the wild panda’s habitual safe is disturbed, invaded and destroyed in order for to build more infrastructure and transportation lines, as well as make space for agricultural land to cater to its growing population and economic development. As a result, the wild panda population have been fragmented and forced to displace to other areas.

This poses another huge problem for the population as humans are now taking up a majority of panda’s habitats and thus, destroying the origins of their main food source, bamboo. Bamboo grows in very particular climate setting that is unique to the mountainous areas that home the wild pandas originally. So although the wild pandas may be able to displace to another area, they are yet to still face starvation..

While worldwide conservation efforts have successfully been able to slowly increase the numbers, there is still great apprehension of a promising future for these beloved creatures. Creations For a Cause finds it a moral duty to contribute our part in fighting the plight of Giant Panda. After all, we humans, are the reason for it. Thus, for every BPA free, eco-friendly water bottle sold, 10% of the proceeds go towards one of China’s most renowned Panda conservation sites, The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, where their primary conservation efforts are aimed to help restore their wild habitats, unify the fragmented populations together, and repopulate the species. With your help locally, together, we are able to safeguard the Giant Pandas globally.

10% of our proceeds will go to one of our great causes!