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Our Mission Copy

Make A Purchase, Help Save The World

Through your purchases, Creations For A Cause aims to make a social
impact by providing food & water to those in need as well as help fund
causes that we hold dear to our hearts.

Our Impacts

Check out some of the locations where we have made a social impact
and learn more about our giving partners



With each purchase of a Creations For A Cause product, we make a direct contribution to the cause that product is associated with.



Creations for a Cause partners up with non profit organizations to develop a plan that makes use of available services to aid in our global mission.



Through our giving partners, we help support social causes around the world and make a measurable, sustainable impact.



By making these impacts, we aim to inspire a generation to be socially-conscious and do their part to make the world a better place


There are now about one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon who have been displaced from their home, many of which are children living day-to-day to survive. These same children are more likely to encounter emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, so we are doing our best to contribute to organizations who are directly helping them.


Women traditionally have less access to education in Africa. The biggest barrier is the lack of books, especially in rural areas, but we are addressing this issue by providing materials for education to these areas to empower women through literacy.


World Hunger is among one of the biggest global issues we face today. In February 2017, famine was declared across parts of South Sudan. Our team leverages Share the Meal, an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme. With your help, the Creations For A Cause Team has helped provide over 1000 meals to those affected by the famine in Sudan!


Each Month, our Team and Ambassadors participate in local givebacks throughout the United States. Our goal is to help those that are in need, educate and provide a sustainable solution that will allow us to make a measurable impact!


Giant pandas are adored by the world and considered a national treasure in China. Their habitat is at the geographic and economic heart of China, home to millions of people. And they are endangered. Only 1,864 pandas exist in the wild today. In order to thrive, giant pandas need room to mate and breed, but illegal logging and deforestation is putting their bamboo forest home at risk. With A Purchase of Any of our water bottles, proceeds will go back towards preserving wildlife and their habitats.


Elephants have been used by humans to perform a variety of tasks for around 5000 years, but while people have consistently profited, this relationship has not been greatly beneficial to the elephants. Revered throughout Thailand, elephants have greatly influenced Thai culture, myth, and religion, though the deep respect held for the species is unfortunately not often reflected in the treatment of individual elephants. Widespread abuse, poaching, deforestation, increased tourism, farming, and a vast reduction in habitat have all contributed to a rapid decline in elephant numbers, and Asian elephants are now officially an endangered species.

Our Goals

Our team is devoted to make a social impact that will last the test of time.
Here are some of the goals we aim to achieve.

Provide a Reliable Water Source for every family

Over 10% of the World Population still does not have access to clean water. By Purchasing a productrelated to our Clean Water Cause, funds will go towards providing a water filtration system to a family in need

Create A World With Zero Hunger

Approximately 9 million people die as a result of global hunger each year. We want to heighten social awareness and direct social impact to the issue. With each purchase of a product related to our Hunger Cause, we will provide food to a family in need.

Create Opportunities Through Education

Today, there are 58 Million children around the world who do not have access to quality education. With each purchase of a product related to our Female Literacy Cause, we will provide access to literacy and education for a child in need.

Create A Safe Environment For Animals

Each day, habitats for endangered species are being harvested at the expense of these precious animals.With each purchase of a product related to our Animal Causes, we will work with our giving partners to help aid and support these endangered anmials

Create A Happy Home For Children

Today, there are 2.6 Million Syrian refugee children who are without homes. They are vulnerable to exploitation, removal from school, and child labour. By purchasing a product related to our Syrian Refugees cause, we will help fund programs that provide shelter, cash assistance, and safety. Rebuild and unify a family in need.

Create A Nation That Stands Together

Now more than ever, our nation stands divided through issues such as income inequality, racism, sexual orientation, homelessness and many more.Through our local givebacks, we aim to make a direct impact in our communities

10% of our proceeds will go to one of our great causes!

Make an Impact!
One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated


Donated To Our Causes
We aim to raise awareness and make an impact to all of our Social Causes. So for every Creations For A Cause product you purchase, we will donate 10% of proceeds to one of our causes. We need your help in order to start a movement of social progress.