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Can I change my delivery address after I have completed my order?

If you have selected a standard mail service as your delivery option, you will have up to 24 hours to get back to us via email with your change in shipping address. Please provide us the following info:

Subject: Delivery Address Change

Full Name:

Order #:

Old Address:

New Address:

If you reach out to us after 24 hours, we will unfortunately not be able to make any changes to your address. You would have to call USPS directly and see if you can retrieve your package from them.

If you've selected our Express Shipping service via DHL, making an address change would be possible. DHL offer an online service called ODD (On Delivery Demand) which you can use to make the delivery process more convenient for you. Here's the link for the ODD service:

You'd simply follow the link above, enter your tracking details then hit the 'change address' section and the rest will be easy to follow.

Your tracking information is required before you can make any changes, so wait for your shipping confirmation to come through before looking to make this change.

Please ensure you double check your address before placing the order, just to ensure you have entered the correct details.