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Beyond 10%

Creations for a Cause is not your typical socially conscious brand. We are a global community of individuals who aim to make an impact that will change the world as we know it today.We want to give back more and make an impact that doesn’t end at 10%. We want to go above and beyond, to make a sustainable difference in


With each purchase of a Creations For A Cause product, we make a direct contribution to the cause that product is associated with.

We go beyond 10% by donating more than just funds to the causes we support.

Why not create a company where we can travel the world, learn about the social causes we care about and take a first-hand approach towards making a difference. Some of our other methods of donation include donating Water Filtration Systems and Food to third world countries as well as participating in our local giveback efforts.


Creations for a Cause partners up with non-profit organizations to develop a plan that makes use of available services to aid in our global mission.

Learn more about our giving partners and what they are doing to make a difference in the world


Through our giving partners, we help support social causes around the world and make a measurable, sustainable impact.

We aim to tell the stories of our impacts through our social media pages, our Creations For A Cause Video Series and our weekly vlogs.

Check out some of our videos by clicking below


By making these impacts, we aim to inspire a generation to be socially-conscious and do their part to make the world a better place.

By purchasing from Creations For A Cause, you are allowing us to be able to provide a job to our artisans and the employees of our giving partners


Making an impact is only the first step towards progress. We continuously work with our giving partners and directly with those impacted to ensure there is progress made.

Here are some of the measures and key metrics we look for:

  • - Number of Water Filtration systems donated
  • - Number of Meals Provided
  • - Number of Individuals impacted
  • - Number of children we can provide an education
  • - Number of homeless individuals provided financial assistance
  • - Amount of Money Raised for the Mae Ram

Our Goal

With The Support of Our Creations For A Cause Customers, Ambassadors and Giving Partners, we aim to tackle the largest social issues that exist in this world. We can’t achieve this without your help! Join the Creations For A Cause Movement, and be part of something progressive and sustainable. Let’s change the world the only we way can, together!

Our Promise

Creations For A Cause is not just a company, it is a movement that is greater than all of us. We want to empower the world to make a difference in the world that we live in no matter how big or small!

We Promise To You that we will work above and beyond to make sure that your purchases translate directly to impact. Check out exactly how we plan on making an impact and spreading the Creations For A Cause movement to the world!